Consumer Rights


Date: 2023
Country: Turkiye
Products : Fireplace and Outdoor Kitchens

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When you place an order through the website you are using, you are considered to have accepted the pre-information form and the distance sales contract provided to you electronically. Buyers are subject to the provisions of Law No. 6502 on Consumer Protection and the Regulation on Distance Contracts (Official Gazette: 27.11.2014/29188) and other applicable laws in force regarding the sale and delivery of the purchased product. Shipping costs, which are the shipment expense of the product, will be paid by the buyers. If the delivered product meets the specifications as stated on the website, is free from defects, and is not faulty, the return shipping fee will be deducted from the product price, and the remaining balance will be refunded to the buyer. Each purchased product is delivered to the person and/or organization at the address specified by the buyer within a period not exceeding 21 days. If the product is not delivered within this period, the buyer may terminate the contract. The purchased product must be delivered complete, in accordance with the specified qualities in the order, and, if applicable, with documents such as a warranty certificate and user manual. Information from company representatives can be obtained when assembly is required for disassembled products. In the event that the sale of the purchased product becomes impossible, the seller must notify the buyer in writing within 3 days of learning about this situation. The total amount must be refunded to the buyer within 14 days.

NON-PAYMENT OF THE PURCHASED PRODUCT PRICE: If the buyer does not pay the purchase price of the product or cancels it in the bank records, the seller's obligation to deliver the product ends.

UNAUTHORIZED USE OF CREDIT CARD IN SHOPPING: After the product is delivered, if it is determined that the credit card used for payment by the buyer has been used unfairly by unauthorized persons, and if the sold product price is not paid to the seller by the relevant bank or financial institution, the buyer must return the product to the seller within 3 days at the expense of the buyer, in a way that the shipping cost belongs to the buyer.

NON-DELIVERY OF THE PRODUCT WITH UNFORESEEABLE REASONS: If unforeseeable force majeure reasons occur for the seller, and the product cannot be delivered within the specified period, the situation is notified to the buyer. The buyer may request the cancellation of the order, the replacement of the product with a similar one, or the postponement of the delivery until the obstacle is removed. If the buyer cancels the order; if the payment is made in cash, the fee is refunded to the buyer in cash within 14 days from the cancellation. If the payment is made by credit card and canceled, the product price is refunded to the bank within 14 days from the cancellation, but it may take 2-3 weeks for the bank to transfer it to the buyer's account.

BUYER'S OBLIGATION TO CHECK THE PRODUCT: The buyer will examine the goods/services subject to the contract before receiving them; damaged or defective goods/services such as dented, broken, torn packaging, etc. will not be received from the cargo company. The delivered goods/services will be deemed to be undamaged and sound. The BUYER must carefully protect the delivered goods/services after delivery. If the right of withdrawal will be used, the goods/services should not be used. The invoice must be returned with the product.

RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: The BUYER may use the right of withdrawal from the contract by rejecting the goods/services purchased by notifying the SELLER in writing via the contact information below, without undertaking any legal and criminal liability, and without giving any reason, within 14 (fourteen) days from the date of delivery to the buyer or the person/organization at the address specified by the buyer.


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  • TEL: 0850 259 88 87


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